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A rug is a great way to define a space and through colour and form create a sense of coherence between the furniture and accessories in a room. In beautiful burnt hues, the Borders Kelim Rug redefines traditional kelim craftsmanship and combines it with our design language with a strong sense for geometric shapes and extraordinary colour blocking.
Our Kelim Rugs are hand-made why the weaving from rug to rug may differ slightly. The weaving technique is ‘Punja’ loom – a traditional and manual loom and one of the oldest weaving techniques. Also, the wool yarn is hand-dyed, and some shade variation may occur due to the nature of wool and dye. The Kelim weave and the wool yarns have a unique, coarse feel. This is part of the characteristic of the traditional kelim rugs.

Item no.: 9281
Color: Red Brown
Size: W: 80 x H: 140 cm
Material: 80% wool and 20% cotton
Hand-woven. Measurement of fringes 7cm / 2.7 in
Care instructions: Vacuum clean only

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